Safecracker-UNDER CONSTRUCTION !!!!!aut viam inveniam aut faciam

Please notice that due to my new assignments in recent years, I no longer cover safe servicing outside of existing contracts. Service, is reduced to existing customers only, and i, just in very rare cases take care about it myself.

This site show pictures and includes information of many years ago. It explains to a limited degree the work of a safe & vault service technician. There is no intention whats or ever to advertise or benefit financially in any form from this site.

Both sites and are purely informative sites of private nature, and used to keep in touch with friends and colleagues worldwide, and people we worked together in the past. There are no financial interests of any kind behind these 2 sites. We are not looking for new customers or to be hired for a safe opening, or to teach a seminar.

We are not a member of any of the security or trade organizations out there and have no intentions to do so in the future.

Our work and projects are limited to Insurance Underwriters, Banks, independent testings and R&D in join venture projects at specific Institutes and Universities in the world. All under the cover of Underwriters and specific Bank institutions !

(just in case you might encounter a problem no one else was able to solve, you can contact me, and in case there is no conflict interest with our existing partners, and the solution is beneficial for all sides, we will see if we can be of help or provide you with the contacts of someone who can)

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